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The Monster experience evoking a taste similar to the Romanticist tradition but with a touch of creativity, with a strong philosophical touch, Bugaboo has presented  their new collection in the most creative way. 

Translating the language of dreams into artwork with symbolic imagery, discovering a visual style that draws upon that philosophical approach that captures a sense of art that has been influential on more than one movement artistically, and has evoked some of the more fantastic imagery to ever cross a stroller. Treating them as a blank canvas, Bugaboo has  worked with some extraordinary creatives from all over the world to offer something new and unexpected for parents.

Almost 15 years and a whole host of collaborations later, Bugaboo partnered with Niark1 to continue their legacy of creating bold and unexpected designs for parents.

“The thing I love about our special editions is that they are so us. It’s a chance to experiment and the opposite of playing safe. Parents really appreciate this creative approach. It creates a lot of positive energy” says Madeleen Klaasen, Chief Marketing Officer.

Q&A With Niark1 

Tell us about the inspiration behind “Monsters on the Move?”
Obviously, I like to draw monsters, and “Monsters on the Move” gave me the opportunity to work them into a fun and colorful universe that celebrates the Bugaboo brand.

How do your designs reflect that inspiration?
In my collaboration with Bugaboo, I wanted to represent these fantastic and strange animal-like characters that move freely in different ways (skateboards, etc.).

How did this collection evolve from concept to reality?
I collaborated closely with the creative design team at Bugaboo. We went through several rounds of visuals and changes with the creative design team at Bugaboo.

My initial idea was really to saturate the space allocated on the textile, but we finally opted for the choice to have something a little more united by gathering all the graphic elements in a visual totem.

If you were to describe this collection in two words, what would they be?
Fun & crazy!

Are these specific monsters featured unique to Bugaboo or are they featured elsewhere?
I have a distinctive graphic design style, which can be seen fairly regularly in my work, but I always make sure my project collaborations are unique. I created these special characters just for Bugaboo, but they are still recognizable as part of my aesthetic and larger family of characters.

Do you have a favorite “monster” in the collection?
I love the owl on his skateboard with his
big hat decorated with an eye. One of the first ideas I had at the beginning of the collaboration with Bugaboo was to make

a design consisting only of owls and other birds with a unique/crazy style (with several eyes and other accessories).

We know that the inspiration came to you when you were a young child, but is there anything else you can tell us about the monsters that are your signature?
I have always been attracted to the idea of
a graphic and visual world populated by bizarre creatures. They seem like they could cross through multiple mediums, be it film, books, children’s stories and now strollers.

Have you ever collaborated on products for children or is this a first for you?
I have previously collaborated on children’s toys and other products/packaging. I have also designed illustrations for magazines and books, figurines, puzzles, and other objects.

I enjoy collaborating because the brands
I work with still give me a fair amount of creative freedom to design unique and fun monsters.

Did the materials you used to create the designs in this collection have something unique?
For this collaboration, all of the visuals
were made digitally. This allowed for easier changes as I collaborated with the Bugaboo design team.


Bas Koster – Artist


Abstract is not just a mixture of colourful meaningless patterns and arbitrary shapes but value to be found in most of the enigmatic marks made by the very different styles available today.




Bas kosters and the use of Abstract art – Bass has collaborated with Bugaboo in past collections.

Let us not deny, however, the fact that many an image that has the potential to provoke and inspire a  response can also be of great value to the observer who might actually benefit from seeing such a challenging picture.

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