If you would rather do them yourself than go to an expert, here you will find some necessary information.

Even if you find eyebrows to have a minor importance or just an insignificant detail, you must know that they have an important role in each of ours physiognomies. Their shape and color influence a lot the expression and balance of the look.
Make-up is perfect only if the eyebrows are carefully arranged and corrected if necessary, to fit the shape and the harmony of the whole face.

Just what are the qualities of perfect eyebrows?

At GLAM we’ll help you uncover these eyebrows secrets: First of all, every bit of your eyebrows must be equal and matched, they must be smooth and their color assorted to your face and eyes, not to unnatural hair color you may have, but to the natural color your hair is supposes to be. If you feel you must change their color then you can go to a cosmetic salon and make them light brown if you are blonde or black if you are a brunette.

The eyebrows have three base points:

  1. The base, which is, situated at the top of the nose (find it by taking an eye pencil and place it between the outer edge of the bottom of your nose and the inner corner of your eye, it should start about one inch above it and be about 8mm thick)
  1. The middle, which is, the most oblique part (The arch should peak above the outer rim of your iris and lie right on your brow bone)
  2. The extremity (find it by taking an eye pencil and place one end at the outer edge of the bottom of your nose and the other end lined up with the outer corner of your eye, it should be about 2/3 mm thick)

The perfect eyebrows are shaped as a comma with the extremity lined up with the base, if not, try to correct them, always using your common sense and in case of doubt follow the natural shape of your brows top line or ask a beautician.

Eyebrows that are too rare need to be filled in by using an eyebrow pencil matching the color of your hair.

To have shiny, smooth eyebrows comb them every night and massage them with a face cream. Be careful when adjusting your eyebrows: when are too thick they darken the face; those too slim make you look astonished all the time.
Depending on the shape of your face:

  • Round face: the eyebrows don’t need to be rounded and the correction has to be done as ascendant as possible. Correct, going obliquely, the superior part of the base.
  • Square face: the eyebrows for this type of face should be less thick and nearly horizontal

  • Triangular face: the eyebrows must be oblique upwards and separated a little from the nose through correction

  • Diamond shaped face: the eyebrows will be corrected just a little, and made as oblique as possib
Image :Cara delevingne by tinseltown / Shutter stock
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