Generation X

This season, Joyrich presents “Generation-X”, a collection inspired by the nostalgia, dreams and lifestyles of youth culture. The collection brings to life the eclectic vibe or an Xer’s closet – piercing together a wardrobe full of bold graphics and iconic styles introduced throughout the decades. Mixing classic silhouettes with retro-futuristic art, Joyrich delivers its own interpretation of Generation X style for the Autumn/Winter 2016 season, paying homage to a time marked by mixed cultures and vivid imaginations.

Generation X experienced the rise of personal computers, the rise of the internet and the rise of cellular phones, they also witness the dot-com boom and bust, two Gulf Wars and the fall of the Berlin Wall. They are the MTV generation – new wave, counter cultures, rap and electronica.

This season Joyrich also collaboration with The Simpsons for the 3rd time which has become a triple collaboration sensation, working alongside Club 75, a streetwear brand with Paris. So-Me who is in charge of all graphics for Club 75 infused The Simpsons characters with his own graphics, creating a basic yet edgy streetwear collection.


Another collaboration with the famous fashion icon of the 60s and one of the best known sex symbols of the 20th century – Brigitte Bardot. Retro graphics picked from her golden ages between the 50s and 60s have been dropped into current streetwear silhouettes creating an instantly identifiable and truly unforgettable collection.

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