How to Flatter the Voluptuous Apple Body Shape

There isn’t any woman who is completely satisfied about what her body looks like. Although it’s tempting to physically alter one’s form by taking advantage of the latest cosmetic surgeries or procedures that are available; these options are quite often neither realistic, nor permanent solutions. This statement is particularly true when it comes to attempting to change the appearance of one’s natural body shape. For instance, a woman who has an apple shape might feel unsatisfied about her appearance in certain outfits. However, once the appropriate styles of clothing and accessories are worn to help create the visual illusion of the balanced hourglass figure, there isn’t any end to the fabulous looks that can be created.

In order to visually transform the apple shape into the look of an hourglass, it’s imperative that women cover their largest areas with fluid fabrics that gently flow over their natural curves. Garments that have the classic A-line shape and empire waists are perfect for accentuating feminine curves and a slimmer waistline. Solid colours or self-patterns are the most flattering choices to wear; especially when trying to elongate the look of the body. The clever use of patterns, such as medium width vertical stripes/self-stripes can also aid in producing a longer and leaner form.

Donning accessories such as belts, ties or scarves that neatly and snugly cinch in the mid-section will help to separate the upper and lower halves; therefore visually creating a slimmer and shapelier silhouette. When it comes to dressing the bottom area, wearing knee-length skirts and dresses will elegantly highlight a curvy pair of legs, while graciously keeping the larger areas under wraps. Similarly, full length trousers that fall freely over the bottom half will help to create a seamless bodyline.

It might seem impossible for a woman who has an apple body shape to be completely happy about what her body looks like. However, it’s easy to improve and highlight the natural beauty of a voluptuous apple figure with the clever use of the appropriate clothing and accessories.

Written by Yve Goodwin

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