How To Put On Tuxedo Cufflinks

Sometimes, making a statement takes more than just being a stereotype. Drifting away from what’s conventional has its rewards.

A tuxedo speaks elegance all by itself. But it doesn’t mean that great taste should end there. Some people go the extra mile to complete their appearance. Cufflinks gives them the style and individuality, while letting them maintain that sophisticated appeal.

Cufflinks not only finishes an individual’s look but it also speaks a lot about him. A person who wears them is most likely very particular with details and requires everything to be completed with care.

Contrary to what others believe, cufflinks are considered a must in the fashion scene. To wear a pair: link the cuff with the cufflink, close its swivel bar before inserting the cufflink into the holes. Inserting it through the hole should start from the outside. Make sure the swivel bar is open to securely lock the cuff.

There are two common forms of cufflinks. The one with the swivel bar mechanism is the more common among the two. The chain links, although used rarely, are widely sold in some places.

Obviously, cufflinks are supposed to be put into the cuffs after you have put on your shirt. But some people find it difficult to insert the cufflinks with a single hand. So if it’s possible to insert your hands into closed cuffs, then you may put the cufflinks into the cuffs just before you put on the shirt. The chain links are a bit looser than those with the swivel bars, making it easier for people to close the cuffs first before putting their shirts on. Cufflinks using the swivel bar mechanism tend to be tight, necessitating you to put the cufflinks only after putting on your shirt.

There aren’t too many accessories or jewelries that men can wear. And unless a guy wants to show up with the nicest tuxedo and ruin his classy appearance with tons of bling, cufflinks will make him project a more fashionable appeal.

Even if a cufflink is seen as a form of fashion on the sleeves, you should never wear one that takes too long to be worn, unless you only have to put it on occasionally. But if you need to wear a pair often, make sure you choose those that are easier to put on. After all, you don’t want to spend a big part of your life messing with cufflinks.

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