INDIANA JONES 5 is happening.

Indiana-Jones-and-the-Kingdom-of-the-Crystal-Skull-9270d21bCalling all the 80’s fans: 35 plus years later we are witnessing the resurrection of our beloved film characters and after Harrison Ford is officially back as Han Solo, there is a strong possibility to see him once again wearing the infamous fedora hat and the whip that made him unforgettable.


Yes! Spielberg himself has said “Now I’ll probably do an Indy 5 with Harrison”, we must pray the force to make this happen as there is no one else who could be Indiana Jones, and although they tried to pass the parcel to Shia LaBeouf few years ago, the world’s most famous archeologist needs to have the same cheeky smile, humility and masculinity that Ford has so well impersonated over the decades


Is any actor up for the challenge? Likes of Bradley Cooper and Robert Pattinson were rumored as possible replacements for the iconic role as ‘The Fugitive’ actor is not confirmed to play the intrepid professor but there is the possibility to see him as a father, like Sean Connery was in the memorable “Indiana Jones and the last crusade”.


Doesn’t matter, we are excited to see Indiana Jones back and Harrison Ford in it!!

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