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It doesn’t matter what type of mood a man may be in; because when it comes to fashionably dressing according to one’s warmth, comfort and personal style preferences, this fall and winter’s latest men’s fashion trends have the perfect style solutions. During this cold weather season men will be able to find a variety of revamped 1970’s and 80’s retro separates that are readily at their disposal. These popular pieces will help to visually enhance, and accentuate many of the cool and modern city-chic looks of today.

Take for example, the new and improved trench coat. The previously monotonous, beige-khaki versions have been stylishly replaced by outerwear in dark colors, luxe flecked gray designs and eye-catching plaid prints. By donning a classic black trench with a vintage outfit like a three-dimensional mixed gray toned tweed suit (that’s complemented by one’s favorite all-over patterned foulard tie), a sleek black beanie and a cool pair of black and white sneaker boots: a modern city-chic look is achieved.

For guys who are always on the move, donning a navy shearling lined motorcycle jacket with a sharp navy jailbird striped white turtleneck, forest green flat front pants and a pair of old school burnished brown leather banker shoes will instantly blend these timeless separates into one killer look. In order to create a smart and laid-back vibe, simply sport a distinctive graphic sweater with the latest dressy beige cargo pant: then top this outfit off with a steel gray puffer jacket and a pair of khaki green military boots to seamlessly complete a chic street, no-nonsense style.

Men who desire to experience both warmth and comfort, while fashionably expressing their city-chic personal style during this fall and winter season do not have to worry about searching very far. All they have to do is take note of the latest 1970’s and 80’s retro revamped pieces, and then creatively combine these dynamic designs to fashionably showcase today’s modern city-chic looks.

Written by Yve Goodwin

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