Men’s Shiny Suit

Whether it’s worn in the workplace or donned strictly to exude personal style, the men’s basic suit will never lead any man astray; especially when it comes to expressing a well put together appearance. Usually the safest and most appealing fabric texture for guys to wear is the practical and functional matte style. However, during this spring and summer fashion season the shiny suit has boldly taken the place as men’s new suit of armor.

The mere mention of a shiny suit seems to be intimidating to even the most confident bloke. However, like any other unique look, this eye-catching outfit is appropriate for very specific occasions. For instance, as party attire, making a grand entrance while donning a shiny charcoal grey, single-breasted suit will always leave a stylish impression. When complemented with a smart skinny black satin tie, this chic and modern look will highlight a truly masculine style. In contrast, for a more classic yet equally masculine appeal, wearing a classic black sharkskin tuxedo will look quite dapper; especially when paired with a matching black satin bowtie. Then if one decides to swap out the aforementioned accessory for a deep red skinny tie, a cool rock ‘n roll vibe is created that perfectly accentuates a timeless vintage look.

The stylish and reliable classic suit will always be the number one outfit for men to fall back on when they need to create sharp looks, and project a smart, professional style. Its simple design has also acted like a protective suit of armor when a strong and confident appearance is required. However, during this warm weather season the shiny suit has been added to the list of must-have outfits in men’s closets: as this distinctive style boldly highlight men’s fashion-forward style.

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