Men’s Vibrant Carryalls

Since bright shirts and multi-colour ties are currently all the rage in men’s fashion, there isn’t any need for guys to shy away from bold colour options when it comes to choosing fashionable carryalls. After all, what better way is there to add a bit of lively interest and personal style to any sharp outfit? During this 2015 summer season men will get the opportunity to showcase their creative co-ordinating skills as they explore the latest bag colour trends.

A sleek exterior and roomy interior are just a couple of the essential qualities that are absolute necessities for guys who have busy lifestyles. Vibrant hues that add style and panache to virtually any outfit is also a must-have quality when it comes to choosing practical and stylish bags. Thanks to this season’s current 1970s fashion trends men have the opportunity to showcase their unique personal styles in brilliant Technicolour.

Combining something as simple as a bright orange leather briefcase with a single-breasted khaki suit and blue and green multi-colour silk tie can instantly transform a mundane outfit into a bold fashion statement. This look is perfect to don in the boardroom or to a business luncheon. Similarly, by mixing various basic tops and trousers/denims with a vibrant blue or green leather messenger bag/backpack will seamlessly ramp up the style factor during casual Fridays. And then for men who enjoy creating a dapper appearance (that’s cleverly combined with a contemporary flare), carrying a vibrant red duffle bag to fashionably highlight a bright blue t-shirt, with a deep green safari jacket and sleek pair of navy slacks will work brilliantly every time!

The vibrant hues that are currently popular in men’s fashion have allowed guys to freely express their creative side; while simultaneously exploring new and exciting looks. During this warm weather season, the bright colour trend has expanded its influence to also include men’s accessories. As a result, everyday essentials like leather briefcases and duffle bags have been infused with a fun selection of lively hues that are sure to stylishly complement any outfit.

Written by Yve Goodwin
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