The safari jacket has successfully made its way through the fashion trenches.

The safari jacket has successfully made its way through the fashion trenches, time and time again. During its long and arduous trek, it has often been recognized as a tough and edgy garment one minute, and then re-invented into a plain men’s jacket the next. Its current re-incarnation for the summer season is best described as a simple, yet strong silhouette that expresses a smart, chic and contemporary style.

Men of any age can feel comfortable donning the latest safari jacket trends; because the original rugged and outdoorsy belted design no longer rules as the major style option. Neither does the grungy, tattered, safety pin and patched versions that street kids/punkers once touted as their own personal rebellious uniform(s). Instead, this vintage garment has been transformed into tailored jackets with cleverly placed flap pockets and matching buttons (or hidden snaps) that seamlessly decorate polyester, rayon and satin finish fabrics in strong neutral hues.

Classic colours like deep khaki greens, rich browns and navy blues are a few of the most popular hued jackets that men can mix with their favourite separates. Although this garment is too casual to wear as part of the daily office attire, donning a chocolate brown safari jacket with a white shirt, khaki slacks and brown brogues on a casual Friday would be apropos. As stylish street wear, the latest safari jacket trend creates contemporary cool looks, and makes it one of the quintessential garments for today’s modern man. Even donning an outfit as simple as a basic white t-shirt and black denims, with a navy satin finish safari jacket and a pair of Converse UK Low Top Blue Canvas British Flag shoes can cleverly express an edgy, city chic style.

As a true survivor of the finicky fashion world, throughout the years the classic safari jacket has seen its fair share of trend-setting highs and unfashionable lows. Through it all, only men of a particular age or specific style had been able to combine this vintage garment with their other wardrobe pieces. Fortunately, during this summer season the latest safari jacket trend will showcase a cleaner and more modern style that will seamlessly adapt to men of all ages, and unique fashion tastes.

Written by Yve Goodwin
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