Women’s Decorative Gladiator Sandals

Throughout the seasons, women have enjoyed adorning their legs with a variety of accessories (e.g. thigh-high boots and hosiery, to simple ankle bracelets and elaborate tattoos). However, when it comes to donning trendy clothing it’s usually printed or patterned tops, pants, dresses and skirts that would be among their most fashionable style options. During  summer season, ladies will be wearing many of these garments once again; however this time they will also have the opportunity to complement these looks with the latest knee-high gladiator sandals.

DSC_1515One of the most popular fashion trends this year is the revival of 1970s fashion. This fun and flirtatious vintage style has a variety of separate pieces that create the perfect looks to mix with the dynamic gladiator sandal. Among the coolest garments that many women have always enjoyed wearing are maxi side-split designs in pants, skirts and dresses. Not only do these fluid pieces graciously highlight the female silhouette, but they also provide the much desired comfort, and freedom of movement that many of the other slim fitted counterparts unfortunately lack.

As a result, when any of these separates are donned with a pair of intricate gladiator sandals, a variety of eye-catching looks can be inspired. For instance, wearing a vibrant red and white floral top that’s paired with a wide-leg side-split red polyester trousers/skirt, and red knee-high gladiators is the perfect style solution for casual Friday, or for a day out on the town with friends. For night-time fun, donning a black chiffon thigh-high side-split maxi dress with knee-high gold gladiators will create just the right amount of sexy, feminine style and cool, edgy glam.

Women have always enjoyed enhancing their legs (and as a result, complement their entire appearance) with fashionable clothing and accessories. Thanks to the distinctive knee-high gladiator footwear trends that have been revived this warm weather season, ladies will be able to explore and create even more exciting fashion statements than ever.

Written by Yve Goodwin

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