Women’s Dynamic Cape Trend

During this cold weather season, one of the most classic outerwear pieces that will elegantly highlight ladies’ fashion is the cape. As practical garments, these classic cloaks will keep women warm as the season changes; while stylistically they will beautifully complement a variety of outfits and the latest fashion trends.

The perfect example of a classic look would be the young ingénue: with her ultra-feminine style and refined charm. By presenting the seamless combination of this season’s pretty white high-neck blouse with a pair of high-waist trousers and black leather boots, an awe inspiring outfit will be created. When topped off with a luxurious black or charcoal gray wool cape, this long and lean silhouette will express a fashionable and elegant look that’s suitable for ladies to wear in chic and confident style; whether it be to an important job interview, or to a stressful executive boardroom meeting.

Of course, when a more dramatic appearance is called for, the classic cape will also complement eye-catching looks. For instance, a black and red floral tie blouse, donned with a red thigh-high slit midi-skirt and sleek pair of black heeled ankle boots is the quintessential example of how timeless pieces can beautifully mix; in order to create a truly alluring appearance. Then, with the clever and stylish addition of a black felted wool cape, an air of sophistication is created to graciously complete a chic and sexy style.

The 2016 fall and winter season has finally arrived, and women have been busily searching for warm and fashionable outerwear to seamlessly combine with their latest cold weather wardrobes. One of this season’s most highly sought after outerwear garments is the cape. This versatile cloak will create the sophisticated looks that are required to beautifully showcase women’s unique personal styles.

Written by Yve Goodwin

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